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Protecting The World's Most Valuable Assets

Live Project
Mike Schwartz
May 2023


Provenance is a core capability of blockchain platforms and the ORIGYN Foundation vision is to deliver upon this primitive with scalable open-source infrastructure that the world's most important companies and institutions can leverage to protect their most valuable assets. The Swiss based Foundation was co-founded by Mike Schwartz and DFINITY Internet Computer leadership in 2020 and operates across the global Luxury, Art and Collectibles markets.

The Opportunity

Having worked together at BCG Digital Ventures on numerous pan-industry platforms focused on provenance, Mike Schwartz, Tianyi Li, Austin Fatheree, Cassidy Esper, Will Blonna, Helia Ansari, Charles Wang, and Kenneth Chan joined the venture in the JPEG Summer 2021. The team focused on building out the AI-infused machine vision and algorithms to recognize the authenticity of physical luxury goods as well as the software suite for tokenization, sales and community building.

The Method

• Product Management & Platform Development Workshops
• Creative Direction & Conceptual development
• Design Iterations & Visual Mockups
• Design Refinement & Quick-Strike Website Build
• Design System Handoff To Development Team
• Customer & Creator Development Sales
• Creator Content Studio Production

The Results

ORIGYN launched its OGY utility token and governance dashboard in June of 2022. The platform also released the v1.0 of its robust NFT standard and PerpetualOS tokenization product suite in March of 2023. It is now working with Union of European Football Associations, Yumi, Metalor, FederItaly, International Gemological Institute, and a host of brands and institutions in partnership with SUBLYM Digital.


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