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SBCC - Colleen & Jonathan Mooney
May 2020


A social change agency empowering Los Angeles residents to develop lasting skills for the betterment of themselves and in turn their community – Since 1973, SBCC has been empowering communities across Los Angeles County to discover and develop tools through active individual and collective well-being.

The Opportunity

SBCC is a non-profit embarking on a fundraising campaign post Covid-19. The brand has tremendous fandom, but has yet to make it's name known beyond Los Angeles County. To do so, SBCC needs a bold new communication system to present the amazing impact and results delivered over 47 years of community service to philanthropies, individual contributors and government funding sources to expand it's brand. TPI is working with SBCC to conceive and establish an inclusive new brand system for our participatory activism era.

The Method

• Quick–Strike Community Website Build For Covid-19 "Give Your Gift" Resiliency Program
• Immersive Brand Development Workshops
• Holistic Brand Identity & Visual Design System Development
• Brand Operating System Implementation
• New "Townhall" Website Experience Design & Build
• Strategic Partnerships & Growth Marketing
• Workforce & Micro-Credentialing Website Platform Build

The Results

• Launched on May 15th, SBCC.Community has received over 500 video submissions and counting
• The SBCC Board of Directors have unanimously endorsed the new TPI developed Brand System & heralded it's precise communication of their mission statement
• First5LA has signed on for another 2 years of funding of SBCC


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SBCC Samples

SBCC Brand Playbook
SBCC Brand Playbook Table of Contents
SBCC Purpose & Practice Area
SBCC Social Activism Overview
SBCC Art Direction
SBCC Art Direction
SBCC Art Direction
SBCC Art Direction
SBCC Collateral
SBCC Collateral
SBCC Apparel
SBCC Apparel
SBCC Living Logos
SBCC Living Logos
SBCC Visual Principles
SBCC Visual Principles
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