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Identifying & Resolving Supply-Chain Threats

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Brian Berger
February 2023


Martha Daniel is a Technology entrepreneur with several ventures in the Cybersecurity realm. With her background as a military veteran focused on ensuring operational excellence, Martha and her CEO of her Cybersecurity product service firm Cytellix decided they wanted to elevate the brand above the noise of the frothy industry market to provide more clarity for their current and new customers.

The Opportunity

Cytellix has a patented AI-first threat detection and resolution software platform as well as consultation services for clients with key vendor contracts that require supply chain resilience and compliance. The company saw an opportunity to sharpen its visual presence by working with SUBLYM Digital to create a new visual language that informs all product, sales, and operational elements. From the logo system to a video content series to increase awareness on relevant social business platforms, the brand is now positioned to be stragically successful in growing its market share.

The Method

• Brand Lexicon & Bible Development
• Creative Direction & Conceptual development
• Design Iterations & Visual Mockups
• Design System Handoff To Business Sales Team
• Creator Content Studio Production

The Results

Cytellix is very active in the Washington D.C. ecosystem with B2B sales increasing. The brand is also engaged heavily in industry events and with internal team growth that leverages the presentation content and formats established by SUBLYM Digital.


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