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Elevating 5 Brands For An Iconic Global Beverage Powerhouse

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January 2019


In 2008, Lambesis beat several of this planet’s best agencies to become what few if any have ever accomplished--the lead branding agency on five Coke brands, beginning with Dasani then adding Fuze, McCafe, Gold Peak and Honest Tea.

*All work shown was executed by The Lambeis Agency under the creative and strategic leadership of Chad Farmer

The Opportunity

When the world’s #1 global marketer, The Coca-Cola Company, was ready to debut its innovative 30% plant-based, recyclable bottle under the leading DASANI bottled water brand, they chose Lambesis to develop their campaign. Lambesis worked closely with the client team to articulate an ownable DASANI brand vision and positioning based on extensive consumer and cultural research. This strategy informed concepting of a fully integrated campaign that celebrated DASANI PlantBottle’s green design and the brand’s environmental ethos. The campaign successfully grew affinity for the DASANI brand and supported significant share and distribution gains.

The national launch Lambesis created for flavor enhancer DASANI DROPS was an enormous success. The multi-channel brand communication approach featuring vibrant and delicious visual concepts of the product, combined with young people joyously reveling in the colorful world of DASANI DROPS, created an ownable identity that would generate a more fun and exciting halo for the core brand, DASANI water. Each year since DASANI DROPS has been in the market, the campaign has delivered dramatic sales increases across the entire trademark.

With multiple product extensions added to the Fuze trademark in recent years, Fuze was in need of an ownable positioning and brand story that would unify the brand and add clarity to what Fuze is. Lambesis repositioned Fuze, placing emphasis on the brand’s exciting flavors and bold character, and centering communications around its tea products to bring clarity to the Fuze message out in the marketplace. The Flavor Charged Iced Tea campaign has been an incredible success, driving brand awareness and trial via a dynamic and electric multi-media communications approach.

Honest Tea and Honest Kids had experienced explosive growth driven by people seeking a healthier alternative to soda, but needed to achieve mainstream relevance and broader consumer passion to catapult the brand to the next level. With the market continuing to flood with new entrants, opportunity existed for Honest to breakthrough with the “Refreshingly Honest” campaign, a brand idea and image that emanated from the pure, humble and honest beginnings of the brand and product to deliver an experience designed for the modern consumer.

When Gold Peak came to Lambesis, they had been marketing the brand around the product attribute of ‘home-brewed taste’. Lambesis quickly saw this as an opportunity to bring more emotion to the Gold Peak brand, while also communicating the wonderful product values behind this delicious tea brand. In The Taste That Brings You Home campaign, Lambesis depicts authentic tea moments that celebrate the comforts of home, and the refreshing feeling we all experience when we feel truly at home. With a multi-media campaign launch, Gold Peak sales are skyrocketing, as is brand awareness and trial.

The Method

• Research, Planning & Brand Management
• Immersive Brand Development Workshops
• Holistic Brand Identity & Visual Design System Development
• Brand Operating System Implementation
• Digital Product Experience Design
• Creative Direction & Content Production 
• Strategic Partnerships & Growth Marketing

The Results

From 2009 - 2020, The Lambesis Agency innovated and evolved Coca-Cola's 5 brands under it's domain:
• DASANI experienced a double-digit increase in sales, even though the bottled water category grew by only 6% for the year
• DASANI viewed as “inspiring” and “environmentally conscientious” and consumers were far “more likely to purchase DASANI” after viewing the ads
• “Twist” spot was ranked as the second most memorable TV spot during the 2012 Olympics in research conducted by Ace Metrix, besting ads for major sponsors such as Nike, Old Spice and Samsung
• DASANI DROPS campaign work delivered dramatic sales increases across the entire trademark
• Fuze, Gold Peak, Honest Tea & McCafe all were elevated 5+ points in sales volume / revenue


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