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A digital holding company focused on creating new, transformative digital platforms with the skills, technology, connections and capital to win in their respective industries. To help them create breakthrough solutions by challenging traditional models, Mike teamed with TPI to develop the brand foundations for a new venture focused on unlocking business value at scale via novel blockchain businesses.

The Opportunity

Having worked together for 5+ years at BCG Digital Ventures, La Mer Walker, Sho Rust & Tony Alva conceived and delivered a robust brand system for 55 Foundry. From an expansive logo system that accommodates the upcoming venture identities developed by the client venture design systems.

The Method

• Brand Development Workshops
• Creative Direction & Conceptual development
• Design Iterations & Visual Mockups
• Design Refinement & Quick-Strike Website Build
• Firm Vision Video Storyboarding & Production For Investment Partner Pitches
• BrandOS Design System Handoff

The Results

• A Massive Global Consultancy has come aboard to partner / finance 55Foundry's business and client engagements
• External Brand positioning establishes unique position in the blockchain industry
• Internal Team empowerment with a holistic brand system


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